Eighties Baby, yeah!

Let’s start with a quick test. Read this article only if you can tick at least two of the following categories:

  • You like beer.
  • You are an eighties’ baby.
  • You like beer.

Done. Success?

Now play your favourite song from 80s…IMG_4955

Which one is yours?

Yesterday we had Christmas again (everyday is a Christmas Day!) in Bar Rua. We got a generouIMG_4976s delivery from our Carrig Brewing Company. And there is something special hidden there, it looks like a baby! Sure, it is – Eighties Baby IPA. We are very happy because this beer was flowing down the throats of our great customers with a speed of light. It was a limited edition in 2017 but thanks to its popularity it is coming back today in a new pretty dress and improved recipe. ‘The Secret’ of Francesco, a head chef. Pinch of this, pinch of that and tadaaaa – beautiful IPA for all of us!

Like the boys from Guns N’ Roses are singing – Welcome to the Jungle! Our giraffe is sticking her head into your glass and waiting for your reaction. Have a sip… You like it, don’t you?


There is a reason for that.

Once upon a time, somewhere in Washington, there was a hops farm. While there were plenty of hops growing, a pretty different one appeared growing alongside. A bit smaller, kind of yellow-ish. It showed an exceptional ability to make nice beers and thus it got an exotic Spanish name. Its name is Amarillo.

Amarillo has always been adventurous and h(o)appy. One beautiful morning Amarillo decided very spontaneously to go for a little trip to see the world, put on its travel shoes and ended up far away in county Leitrim, Ireland. Amarillo liked it so much so it joined our beer crew in a small family brewery – Carrig. As it stood out of the crowd for its origin and appearance, a lot of hops fell in love with him at the first glance. It was a hoppy Casanova well-known for his love affairs, but one of them became very serious. Its name is Yellow Sub, a very attractive hops from Germany. They made a baby. Eighties Baby!


It is summer, baby!

You need a pint, baby!

Have a pint of Eighties Baby, baby!

Explosion of citrus and fruity aroma that will not disappoint you with its fresh fruity flavour. Medium bitter, beautiful golden to pale orange colour. Innocent hint of pineapple sweetness in the background. Eighties Baby is a holiday in your glass. This is our summer beer…


Go on, don’t stay thirsty just looking at the picture… You know where to find us!

And don’t wait too long, Rhuaíri is a very thirsty mascot…


Sláinte – Cheers – Nazdravie!

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