Are you cooking a pizza?

In every real man there is a child that wants to hear a good-night fairy-tale. This one is for all our inner children. Have a pint of milk (beer) while reading it!

Warning: this story is a pure fiction of the author. If you’ll find any similarities with a real life, get over it! It’s just a coincidence.

Once upon a time there was a teeny-tiny little brewery in Drumshanbo, county Leitrim. It appeared to be a Wednesday like any other one.

PicsArt_06-21-11.32.04‘What are we cooking today, Francesco?’ asks Mark, known as a right hand of the head brewer.

‘American Pale Ale, amico mio, and I’m telling you now – it’s gonna be a blast!’



So the lads jumped on it and started to brew this brand-new beautiful golden liquid treasure…PicsArt_06-21-11.36.18


2 hours later…

Martin, known as another right hand of our Italian head brewer (yes, he has exceptional amount of right hands! And usually left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is up to, and that can’t happen.), is coming back from his hell of a journey, delivering kegs for all thirsty people in the country.

‘Howya lads, are we cooking a pizza today?’PicsArt_06-21-11.45.56

‘Mamma mia!’ Francesco shouted and all the lads run to him immediately to see what happened. ‘Who did this?!’

‘Who did what?’ asked Mark.

‘Who put the basil into my beer?!’

‘Oh…was it a basil? You told me toPicsArt_06-21-11.39.34 throw in the hops, so I did! It was green, so I put it in!’ said Mark making puppy eyes on Francesco.

‘It was a basil for my pasta! What am I gonna have for my lunch now?!’

‘Calm down, will ya? They say the beer is a liquid bread, have a pint then!’


And what is the lesson, dear children? Never dance around the brewer’s pots, otherwise somebody is going to stay hu(a)ngry.

So this is the story of Carrig’s new Special Brew. Well, not really. I was just joking. (Although the brewery really smelled like a pizza place and Francesco loves his pasta – that’s true!) It was planned, and it went well. And now you can find the proof in Bar Rua or in Tanyard Lane.PicsArt_06-21-11.47.31

Have a taste.

Smell it.

It’s a Basil Blast!

Don’t be too scared of basil – Centennial and Simcoe hops fought their way through and basil took over the tasty finish of the beer.

And have you heard the great news? We are in a Christmas mood today in Bar Rua. Come down for pints to celebrate Indie Beer Week with all our crafty diamonds for less than 5 bucks a pint! UNREAL BARGAIN, because we love craft beer! 

***FREE PINT ON ME FOR THE FIRST PERSON WHO COMES TO ME IN BAR RUA TODAY WITH A SPECIAL SECRET CODE: “čučoriedka”! (with a proper pronunciation, haha)***

You really don’t want to miss that, do you?


PS: Mark actually knows the difference between basil and hops.

See you later, beer heads!

Sláinte – Cheers – Nazdravie!

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