We were PUNKS! Were you?

Saturday afternoon, July 7th,  5-ish o’clock

We are squeezed in a Dublin Bus number 67, not sure where we need to get off. All of a sudden, our bus driver shouts ‘Weston Airport, Weston Airport!’ Thank you, sir! And the whole bus empties in 10 seconds. Like a school trip. There we are, just few more steps to have our beer treat.

Well, maybe a couple thousands of steps! But walking is healthy and all those calories we lost will be gained back very, very soon.

Going to the airport is always exciting, because most of the time it means that you are going on holidays. This time we didn’t fly anywhere, but the only flying thing there were pints with a special destination: our bellies. Sun (oh my god, last couple of weeks are just unreal in Ireland!), tons of beer, showtime… Brewdog Cinematic Circus. And we had the whole airport to ourselves!

IMG_6048_editedWe had such a majestic opening with the newest beer by YellowbellyTin Can of Emotions. And it certainly was, I almost cried how good the beer was! Very ‘light’ starter for us, with this west coast double IPA, 10.1%. Enjoying the tunes of the Fallen Lights, sun, and smell of tasty barbeque all around…IMG_6076_edited

‘What can I get you?’

‘Pint Please.’IMG_6078_edited

‘Yeah, but which one?’

‘Can I have a pint of Pint Please, please?’

No, I am not getting crazy (yet) and ordering my second pint was a bit of craig! Pint Please is something that you need after a big mouthful of emotions, to cool you down. IMG_6079_editedThis session IPA by Dot Brewery was a tasty choice! And definitely worth to try is Dot’s collaboration with Imbibe Coffee Roasters – 7.2% Brown Coffee Cognac.

I wouldn’t forgive myself if I left without a pint of my favourite Brewdog juice. A bit of rock’n’roll and Elvis Juice in my glass, so nice and fresh… Sure your soul is definitely dancing after this one!IMG_6057_edited

The best thing about this beer fest was definitely the fact, that you could have been whatever you wanted to be or had to be:

A driver who could still enjoy a pint, because there was a famous non-alcoholic hoppy ale Nanny State by Brewdog pouring.

The snobbiest beer person in the world, because there was a wide range of special brews you can’t get anywhere else.




Third Barrel

Kildare Brewing

Rising Sons

Dot Brew

Wicklow Wolf

Hawkes Cidery & Taproom

More of a G&T person, because you could get those there as well.IMG_6072_edited


Not-much-of-a-drinker-but-more-of-a-movie person, because there was a legendary ‘The Shining’ movie showing on a big screen. With a big bucket of pop-corn, you are welcome.

But the most importantly – at the end of the night, we were all PUNKS!


(Yes, including the guy from The Circus of Horrors who was stapling cards to his…well, yes…penis. Such a show!)








Photos by Radka’s Beer Club

Sláinte – Cheers – Nazdravie!


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