Welcome To Hell… The Dublin Liberties Beer Cask Night!

The best possible way how to celebrate a little Friday:

1. Request a day off multiple times until your manager gets sick of you and gives you a day off.

2. Irish summer is here so make sure to stay hydrated with some water. Water of Life.

3. Go to The Dublin Liberties Distillery for an exciting new BEER CASK Whiskey launch.

4. Have a blast. Enjoy!

You may have noticed that I like beer. (Do you, yeah?) In case you haven’t, there you go: I do like beer. (Do I, yeah?) Would you believe!

And even more if it goes hand in hand with an exciting project like the one by The Dublin Liberties in collaboration with Irish craft beer breweries.

Here’s the photo collection from Thursday night spent in The Dublin Liberties Distillery.  (Yeah I can’t leave the gaff without the camera. At least something (highlighting something, not someone) has to remember what was going on! Chapter ‘Let’s put this puzzle together’ thanks to technology begins now!



Welcome to Hell

So apparently part of the Liberties area earned this nickname centuries ago. Living in the area myself – I’m not quite sure if it has changed since then! (Hahaha, it’s actually a really cool spot.)

IMG_2374_editedAlways a warm welcome in The Dublin Liberties.



Five Lamps Red Ale Barrel Finish

O’Hara’s Stout Barrel Finish

Rascals Coffee Stout Barrel Finish

IMG_2210_editedMoments. People. Moments with People. People with their Moments.

IMG_2196_edited‘Beer Casks you say? Hm… very interesting…!’


IMG_2205_edited‘Do you like whiskey and beer?’

‘Arra, houl yer whist! Give me a wee bit of both!’

IMG_2192_edited‘I have a fancy microphone and that doesn’t even help… those lads in the back won’t shut their front door. Jaysus! Anyway, tell me more about this beer cask series…’

IMG_2217_edited‘NOW! Let’s get this party started. Lads, you can talk now. And drink!’


IMG_2226_editedDrinks Menu. 

IMG_2238_edited‘That last important touch for a good aul’ fashion.’ AULD DUB

IMG_2307_edited Happiness. 

IMG_2258_edited‘We’ve been playing around…’ So were we – to create this artistic whiskey photo!


IMG_2241_editedMy personal winner! ‘Brewdolf’ – bourbon cask red ale that added a nice spicy finish to a creamy and slightly sweet base of the whiskey. A perfect couple…

(***I found out afterwards thanks to the photo that Brewdolf has a bit of a kick, 9% ABV! You little naughty reindeer!)


IMG_2245_editedNice beverage accompanied by these cute bites. ‘I feel like a giant!’ Yum!


IMG_2273_edited‘Welcome to Hell? HELL, YEAH! Beer Cask series rocks!’


IMG_2295_edited‘Whiskey, like a beautiful woman, demands appreciation. You gaze first, then it’s time to drink.’ Conor fully agrees with Haruki Murakami.

IMG_2354_editedHappiness. Traditional photo for a family album.

IMG_2325_editedHappiness. Bar Rua family photo album.

IMG_2303_edited‘Hey, that beer cask whiskey curves my facial hair! Am I a Handlebar Moustache Hipster now?’


Congratulation and a big cheers to The Dublin Liberties Distillery! What a great night we had!

BEER CASK SERIES is only a limited release, so you should definitely put your hands on it very soon. And here’s cheers to all delicious uisce beatha that you will bring to us!


Sláinte – Cheers – Nazdravie!

*photos by Radka’s Beer Club*

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