Fidelity to Craft Beer 2019… Fidelity forever.

We were passing by the Mansion House in Dublin City Centre and there was a bunch of people that looked like they were waiting and queuing for SOMETHING THAT WAS OFFERED FOR FREE. So we joined the crowd. Just for the craic!


Just joking. They were queuing for one of the most exciting craft beer events happening this year in Dublin city centre. FIDELITY BEER FESTIVAL 2019. We got our tickets straight away after they were released, cause we love craft beer so much and it feels like booking holidays every time we do! This time it was a surprise-mother-fuckers-we-are-going-to-this-festival kind of thing. (Thank you, Bren!)

And that’s how our crew got into the Mansion House.


And we got in. Even though we had some doubts about it as we were very loud even before. (I mean, Leeroy was, he can’t help himself to stop laughing so loud.) Security lads were such a sweethearts to let us in!

Off we go, to the world of craft beer we’ve never tasted!


I had a brilliant plan. I was going to taste every single beer I’ve never had before in my life and write a brilliant story about it. Whiplash announced breweries and the full ‘playlist’ and I was shocked. My mouth wouldn’t close and I started to doubt myself. (For a reason!)


This session promised 68 beers pouring. Out of 68 beers according to my sophisticated plan I was supposed to taste 65 beers I have never tasted before in my life. That’s the moment when you realize that craft beer world is so magical and there are no limits or ends to it! (Happy inside, but c’mon lads, how am I supposed to taste it all?! You’ve ruined my day and made it the most exciting day in 2019 at the same time. I don’t even know if I love you so much or hate you for my hangover in advance.)

Radka’s Beer Club presents what we’ve tasted! (It is possibly more, but I was too paranoid about losing camera or dignity. Or my vaping device. I did. Sure look, it wouldn’t be a party without losing anything, would it? (I’m pretty sure about losing my vaping shtick, sure about not losing my camera, but about the rest, I’m still thinking…)

Here we go!


Nice and easy, just on the right-hand side welcomed by FUERST WIACEK. Can I have one of each, please? Both of them were very enjoyable IPAs, and my choice of the number 2 was a winner for me anyway so I was more than happy to start this session with the Smoothie one!



We got these tasting glasses that are a perfect decoration and memory for Fidelity Festival.


‘And the next stop is…’

THE FIVE POINTS. Could we, please, have one of each?

That’s when it started to be about ‘I’ll have the dark one and you can have the other one, but we’ll taste them both.’ Okay.


We sneaked out to see what’s upstairs and took some pictures before a nice security lad told us that we can’t stay there. He was so nice to let us take some paparazzi pictures from up there!


The crowd getting bigger…


The music is always a very important part of these sessions! Cheers for that, it was a great addition to our craft beer tasting by DJs I-would-like-to-mention-but-don’t-know-their-names-cause-I-am-a-crappy-reporter. (Let me know who you are and I will be more than happy to edit this.)


DEYA Brewing.

They broke us into bigger pieces and also invoiced us for the microphone.

Great beer! Both of them were the best IPAs I’ve tasted there!


You never mess with YORKSHIRE. ‘Cause LADY OF SUNSHINE will come to beat you up.


Taking picture of the person taking picture! How artistic is this?!


This is the stop where we still knew who is going to drink what. I was the ‘I’ll go for the other one than stout’ one and he was ‘I’ll take whatever is left’ one.


‘Which one is mine? It doesn’t matter, just pose, FFS!’


This is Bren. Bren is the person who forced me to drink craft beer when I came to Ireland. I fell in love with the craft beer and now this guy got stuck with me. Who is the winner? Me, FOR SURE!


‘The one where I was trying to be a BEER artist.’


‘The one when I started to take pictures of people behind the brews.’


‘There you go, enjoy!’


‘The one when I was asked not to bring any more stout, but I did. And it was delicious.’


‘Fidelity 2019 rocks!’


‘The one that we came too late to have ‘One of each, please’.’




‘The one that I actually didn’t bring any stout. And it was brewlicious.’


‘The One that I went back to crazy imperial stouts…’

I got excited about sour red ale because now I am a huge fan of sours! Haha, would you believe that? They actually ARE very refreshing even though they don’t smell like the first flower of the spring… but they are. And our package ‘Can we please have one of each?’ comes with another Imperial Stout.


But can you resist this beardy face?!


‘If you’ve ever loved somebody put your hands up!’

CRAFT BEER, all hands up, of course!


Finally, we got through the crowd to WHIPLASH!

One of each it is!


‘Wood I lie to you?! Stop repeating yourself!’


‘Just bring something non-stout, please.’ All-righty!


‘You got exactly what you wanted!’


‘Back home with yellow bellies… Some YellowBelly?’


‘Oh, Gipsy Hill… People Like Us drink Trekker DIPA!’


‘Of course we do!’


‘Cocktail Time! Cocktail IPA?’


‘YEAH! Stout time again!’


Great catch, those Estonian lads!


‘Caught in crime!’

What happens in Ireland, stays in Ireland.


‘The one when my pictures went wrong. Don’t know why…’

Dear Fidelity,

we had a blast. Please forgive me for breaking one of your glasses and being messy. (Somehow I still managed to bring 4 of them back home anyway.) I hope you’ll understand. Thank you for all amazing breweries you brought to Ireland this year. Can’t wait for the next one.

Yours sincerely,

Radka’s Beer Club

Sláinte – Cheers – Nazdravie!

photos by Radka’s Beer Club


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