Going down the Wickla’ Way!

Here I am… Summer 2021. Writing this little diary and still not knowing when we can freely jet-off and land somewhere nice, somewhere far away, just for a few days… Crying out loud as always, because we can’t do this and we can’t do that and it all sucks! (pardon my English, or not.)

How about, let’s make the most out of it?

Speaking about holidays we are all by now familiar with all the hashtag #staycation – that can honestly make your wallet feel like chopping the onion – full of tears (and they are not those of happiness, believe you me.)

Let’s explore more and see what we can do to kill (read: honestly enjoy) our time within my area!

It is so close and maybe somehow not – it is a destination.

It has got to have something to do with beer. Come on. If you read this, you know yourself.

Wicklow Wolf, beer heads.

I am actually super embarrassed by not visiting this brewery up until now since their big movement in 2019. At the same time – I’ve never been to Cork, I’ve been to Galway only once in my life and so on and so on… and there is a pandemic riding on, let’s just not forget that please.

Here I go, jumping in the car from the Dublin roads packed with the traffic as usual, shaking-off the uncomfortable feeling of not being behind the wheel for a while (sure where would I be travelling to in the middle of pandemic anyway?!), singing my favourite songs and all of a sudden: I am here. In front of the brewery, being navigated perfectly by the higher power of technology…and not getting confused at all. Here’s one of the benefits for the lost souls like me (that can get lost on the straight road with no problem): It is super easy to find. Even easier if you actually park in the brewery area, not a car park down below….(let me have at least that one!)

Have you seen that place?!

It’s massive!

It’s amazing!

My little (but long) speech is over now, go on and enjoy the pictures!

I’d like to thank very much to all the crew at the Wicklow Wolf! From the point of coming in through your Tap-Room area I felt warm and welcomed, big shout out to Cath! (Sorry for misspelling your name in advance!) Following up with John who showed me around the brewery and introduced me to the whole operation, having chats and samples fresh-off-the-tank (Spolier-alert-not-a-spoiler-alert – there are some AMAZING brews coming down the line and they are not finished fermenting yet but they are amazing already…keep your eyes peeled, they’ll also be a limited edition so once you snooze, you’ll lose). And Quincey? Quincey is the energizer bunny – pumping up everyone around with his endless energy and it’s always a pleasure to chat to this guy!  


Multiple by hundreds.

I am genuinely super excited to see all WW’s future adventures, because I will be the first one to queue – not because of the corona restrictions (fingers crossed), but because of the amount of people.) Best of luck to the Wicklow Wolf Team, there’s some amazing stuff to be looking forward to!

P.S.: If you are around and about – whether you are driving or drinking – pop in to say hello to them. They are currently open and offer plenty of a great stuff to enjoy in their cozy outside area! (Including the coffee and hot drinks, some pastry to bite and whatever you want!)

P.S.2: Raindrop is a drop (that you don’t want to drop) and works perfectly as a refreshener in a humid weather like today/maybe tomorrow/maybe the day after tomorrow

The very last P.S. I promise: I got a can of Mammoth fresh off the canning line and it is unbelievable.

And the very very last one: I’m bad with names. I actually met lots of lovely Wicklow Wolves in action and please do forgive me for not mentioning your names, but this whole experience is all about the people who made this place amazing and I can’t thank you all enough for it!

Sláinte – Cheers – Nazdravie!

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