Øl, Øl, Øl…Copenhagen Øl Diaries!

Dear København,

I’d like to express my thanks for opening your arms to us this weekend. You made us feel welcome, you quenched our never-ending thirst for great craft beer beverages, you gave us the taste of a normal life and made us feel alive once again.

We’ll be back (please don’t take it as a threat).

Yours sincerely,

Some very happy beer heads from Ireland.

P.S.: We are leaving with empty wallets – but with full bags of memories (and some thankfully unexploded beers too.)


‘Twas a love at first sip.

We all know the world’s story. We can’t travel as much or as comfortably. We are all exhausted and dog-tired after the last year and many months of we-all-know-what-but-let’s-not-say-its-name. I am sceptically grabbing my suitcase that is prepared to travel to Denmark for the last 2 years and sadly put on hold many times ever since. Getting to the airport, almost missing our flight and perfectly replicating the airport running scene from Home Alone 2 (or any other movie, really)…sure why would you not spice it up and mix in some adrenaline to it?!

Here we are, Copenhagen. We made it. Finally. And we are ready to experience what you have to offer. And dear, oh dear, you sure do have a lot in your pockets!

Øl, Øl, Øl…

Pubs? Holy Moly! It’s like having Underdog (miss you, guys!) in every corner of the town. When you are walking into a pub and can’t close your mouth over the selection your face is constantly slapped with. Impressed, overwhelmed, very thirsty and jealous.

Copenhagen = MUST visit and will certainly visit AGAIN.

Here are some quick highlights of our city beer wanderings:

After our first skål in Bootleggers, we are hitting the Aslin’s tap takeover in Peders. 61 different draft choices in Taphouse – where flashing the lights is not a sign for the last orders, but for a new beer freshly tapped. Nice & cosy family atmosphere in Godt Øl as our refreshment station after walking through the Copenhagen streets, being tourists as you do, sucked into a traditional craft place Lord Nelson, heading to check out Skaal with yet another impressive 48 draft beers available. To Øl’s BRUS has to be included (at least the brewpub visit, but the brewery is already on the list for next time!). Crowd of MBCC survivors hangovering together and jumping back on the horse in Warpigs on Sunday (the weather is just amazing, imagine one of those sunny days in Ireland!), moving onto Fermentoren and having to pay a visit to Viktoriagade which is the very first spot of the Mikkeller’s bar imperium. Oh let’s not forget the Kihøskh – an innocent-looking shop that hides its real gems in the downstairs cellar. Just go in if you are in Copenhagen. Just do it. And while you are there, drop in to their Rbaba’rrab pub just across the road too.

And when you are about to realize that your beer trip is nearly over, the airport will warmly hug you with one last taste of crafty Denmark in Mikkeller’s airport location. You can quietly enjoy your final drink while crying inside, planning your beer detox for the rest of the year, and whispering your last skål to the country that won over your heart in such a short period of time. I’ll be back, Denmark, I will. This is not a farewell, this is just a healthy little break for our passionate relationship.

Sláinte – Cheers – Nazdravie – Skål!

2 thoughts on “Øl, Øl, Øl…Copenhagen Øl Diaries!

  1. Good that you enjoyed your time in Copenhagen and yes, we do have great bar scene!!

    Himmeriget on Åboulevard (owned by Evil Twin Brewing – I think), Black Swan (and the sister bar Blue Raven in my neighbourhood) are also worth a visit. Not too mention Flying Couch Brewing in Nordvest and People Like Us on Amager. Oh there’s so many! I hope you will bookmark it for your next visit 😉

    – also a fellow craft beer lover in CPH

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much! This just proves how inactive I am here, which I do apologize for.
      I am planning my trip no.3 this year to Copenhagen, it is becoming a tradition by now for sure! Thanks for all your recommendations and I will make sure to add them to my intinerary for May ’23. Cheers / Skål !


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