Who am I?

I am a plain-Jane craft beer obsessed human being, wandering around the beer scene in Ireland. I love watching the progress and growth on the scene, comparing to the the world events. Exploring the international updates and combining it with occasional travels.

I am no professional when it comes to judging the beer. I honestly don’t think I could be fully objective with it – I will always stand by that we drink with our eyes, previous experience, and mood (and plenty other aspects) – before our taste buds (based on my very own personal experience many times before).

But what I believe in is all the hard work that is put into it, bringing something that people will enjoy when they want to sit down and relax, and explore the flavours beyond. I watch and enjoy the enthusiasm behind creating something for all of us – beer heads. Sometimes the results are great, other times they can go horribly wrong. But I am not here to judge this. I am here to enjoy and explore.

You can like it. You can hate it.

Because beer is (like) art, after all.

I can love it, but you might hate it.

This blog(ish?) was created at Dinosaur’s age, when I had too much time on my hands. I wanted to share every little detail of my craft beer journey with the world, young and ambitious… Well, here we are now. A good few years later (still ambitious, but let’s skip the discussion about being young), I am still exploring the purpose of this space. It will always remain as an extra space to dump my pictures, at least. Yeah, that could work, I guess. I always have a lot of pictures. Check it out.